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Home Learning

It's time to get outside and go on a bug hunt. Turn over stones and logs and see what you can see. Take a small plastic tub and collect a few things to look at with a magnifying glass. Teach children to be gentle and kind when handling insects and animals. Talk about food and drink and where they the bugs live. 

We are looking at shapes this term, start to introduce the name of simple shapes such as square, circle triangle and rectangle. Can you child find objects around the house that have these shapes. Whilst out walking look around for shapes on buildings and houses. Using wooden bricks or other shaped objects, talk about how they differ or how they are the same, e.g. a circle doesn't have any sides but a square has four sides like a rectangle.

Look at counting with your child, wherever you are whatever you are doing there are opportunities to introduce counting. Start simple, counting to 3, then go up to 5, then 10 then 20, then to infinity and beyond! Start using items your child can point to or hold.