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Home Learning

This time of year there are lots of interesting things to look at in nature. Look for frosty spiders webs and leaves and patterns made by the frost on glass etc. 

Talk to your child about animal homes and hibernation, ask questions, such as:-

Can they see any animals around? 

Where do you think they have gone? 

Take a look at this clip on Cbeebies


Use shoe boxes and old leaves to make animal homes and introduce new language such as prickly, burrow, den, furry, underground, to describe features about the animals and where they live. 

Make bird feeder and hang them in the garden, watch to see what birds use it and see if you can identify them. This link will help you https://www.lovethegarden.com/community/fun-facts/19-common-british-birds-you-can-find-your-garden   

Have fun !