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Tapestry Online Journal

Here are Richmond Pre-school we use Tapestry to record and store observations of every child in our setting. Over time this builds up a record of all the learning that has taken place whilst in our care, this is held for each child individually and we call it their Learning Journey.

It is wonderful to see the progress they have made, which is captured in written observations, photos and videos and is a great keep sake.

If your child is registered at our setting then you can log on to see their learning journey by going to the Tapestry web site  https://tapestryjournal.com/ and login using your secure e-mail and password.

You can also download an app to your tablet or phone by looking for this icon  in the App store(I Phones) or Play store(Android phones).  Search for Tapestry Mobile Online Learning Journal and look for the Tapestry logo above.
We love to see what your children are getting up to at home and the best the way of sharing their wow moments with us is by adding an observation to Tapestry. It's simple to add an observation, firstly logon to your app and click the + button. 

  1. This will show you a picture of your child, touch the picture so that a tick appears next to it.
  2. Then click on the next tab, the one with the pencil and give your observation a title and write a little bit about it.
  3. Then finally click on the images icon, the one with the camera. From here you can choose to take a video or photo or upload one that you have already taken.

You won't be able to save the observation until all sections have been completed.

1 Jul 2016, 09:31