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What our parents say

A page for you, the parents/carers of Richmond Preschool CIC children to have your say. Including questionnaires for you to help us improve and parent/carer feedback.

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What our parents say: Welcome

You said, we listened

December 2021 parent questionnaire

We had a good response with 54% replies so thank you.

All of our parents know who their childs key person is, felt their key person was approachable and felt they were able to communicate with their key person face to face when they needed to.

When asked how has your child settled? 83.8% very well, 13.5% good and 0.7% still require some support to settle.

97.3% of our parents could access their tapestry account (all issues accessing accounts have now been resolved).

75.7% of our parents found our next steps were helpful, 21.6% were unsure about next steps but found the report and focus week conclusion informative, 2.7% were not aware that next steps were set - we will ensure to make all our parents aware of this.

General comments regarding focus week:- Good idea..., Brilliant idea - always good to know where he is at school and to have ideas to help at home... Really good and helpful... Gives me an insight into things I need to work on at home... Excellent ideas... I like knowing about what he is learning about each week.

What our parents say: Programs


Testimonials from some of our parents/carers

What our parents say: Testimonials

Thank you for everything you have done for A (and I) since she started she has had the best time and always looks forward to coming. She loves all her teachers. The biggest thanks

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